The TELIT Research Institute

The Research Institute for Technology-Enhanced Learning and Innovative Education and Training (TELIT) undertakes:

  • Theoretical research
  • Applied research
  • Projects transferring research to practice and policy

TELIT’s principle fields of research are:

  • Technology-enhanced education
  • Economic and business education
  • Vocational education and training

TELIT is dedicated to the development of strategies, innovations, and applications in these fields of research. TELIT has demonstrated extensive success with its three-fold focus on European and international research, as well as on academic and vocational training. Counting among the leading research institutions in the aforementioned fields, TELIT is active in Germany, Europe, and internationally.

The current research foci of TELIT lie in the development of innovative education methods, ranging from studies of business competence in China, economic and business studies in German higher education, and quality management in internet-based teaching, learning, and collaboration, to investigations of the potential of open education, technology-enhanced examination systems, competence and cultural questions, and vocational education and training in an international context.




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